Two ‘amazing’ local companies make a real difference

Two ‘amazing’ local companies make a real difference

Two Cornish companies are being described as ‘amazing’ after volunteering free or heavily subsidised accommodation to Cornwall Care staff working in homes recently affected by Covid outbreaks.

Coast2Coast Motorhome Hire in Truro and Tregathenan House and Cottages in Helston have both provided living space for carers close to Trengrouse in Helston, Mountford in Truro and Woodland in St Austell. Normal charges were set aside and the charity was only asked to pay the bare minimum for necessities like heating, electric, water and insurance.

“We made two holiday cottages available because we just wanted to help,” said Tregathenan owner Liz Paterson. “The ladies were working very long hours so we did as much as we could to make their lives easier by getting their shopping in and generally being there when needed.

“Our neighbours were brilliant too. We let them know what was happening, thinking they might be concerned, but the opposite was true. They were as anxious to do whatever they could as we were and, when one of our Cornwall Care guests needed to isolate because they had tested positive with the virus, were all ready to help with supplies and general assistance.

“We became a real community and now that the ladies have moved out, we miss them. We have all agreed, though, that when this crisis is over, we’ll get together for a barbecue. It will be great to properly meet each other and build on the friendships we’ve forged.”

It’s the second time that Coast2Coast has come to Cornwall Care’s assistance.

“We helped them out with four motorhomes during the first lockdown that were then parked at Cedar Grange in Launceston for more than two months,” said company spokesperson Mary Wilton. “When they asked us again this January, we were very happy to give them one vehicle for Woodland, two for Trengrouse and one for Mountford.

“The staff using them are always very careful and leave them in an immaculate condition. From a business point of view, Covid has hit us very hard but it’s been an absolute pleasure to help Cornwall Care out when needed. The last year has been a nightmare for most of us but pulling together does make a difference.”

As part of the arrangement with both companies, Cornwall Care was responsible for deep cleaning each of the properties and vehicles after use.

“We can’t thank Tregathenan and Coast2Coast enough,” said Cornwall Care CEO Anne Thomas. “They have been amazing – providing warm, comfortable living arrangements just when we needed them most.

“I’m pleased to say that the outbreaks are now under control and staff in the three locations concerned are no longer in need of overnight accommodation. We won’t forget how quickly and effectively those two businesses came to our aid, though, and how much they willingly contributed despite their own challenges. That’s community spirit at its absolute best.”