Woodland House receive donation from Boots Opticians

Woodland House receive donation from Boots Opticians

Posted by admin on February 12,2019

Staff from Boots Opticians in Truro chose Woodland House as their charity of the month.

Each month the staff put their chosen charities into a pot and someone pulls out a winner. This time it was us!

We received £100 to go towards our fundraiser recently set up to raise money to buy a ‘magic table’.

The Mobii projector system which we fondly refer to as a ‘magic table’ is a system designed to stimulate movement, communication and mental activity in those who are living with dementia and other mental health needs.

Thank you so much to the staff from Boots Opticians. We really appreciate your donation.

To find out more about this fabulously inventive system, go to: http://omi.uk/adults-with-special-needs/mobii-interactive-table-floor/

If you want to donate to this great fundraising campaign, go to: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/WoodlandHouse-Magic-Table

If you want to donate to one of our other care homes, go to the following link: https://cornwallcare.com/life-cornwall-care/news/cornwallcare-set-fundraising-campaign-magic-tables/

To find out more about Woodland House and what we can offer you and your loved ones, go to: https://cornwallcare.com/our-homes/find-home-cornwall/woodland-st-austell/

Photos are from The Green, our care home in Redruth who already have the 'magic table' system in place. It has been a great success and you can see how well our residents interact with this innovative tool.