Fundraising Walk for Woodland House

Fundraising Walk for Woodland House

Posted by admin on June 6,2019

Staff from Woodland House recently went on a ‘walk and wheelchair push’ in aid of raising funds for our residents’ amenities fund.

The day was full of laughter and enthusiasm as we headed towards Polkyth, stopping in to see the team at Trevarna who very kindly offered us refreshments after conquering our first hill. We then bid them farewell and continued on our merry way, up and down hills and on to Charlestown where we stopped for a delicious ice cream from Tall Ships Creamery. The ice cream was most appreciated.

We set off again homeward bound where we had a fantastic welcoming committee to see us in. We were stopped several times along the way by people asking what we were doing. This led to them giving us some donations. All in all it was a great day out and we raised £216.86 to put into our residents’ fund which is fantastic! Well done to all those who took part. Keep up the good work.

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