International Women’s Day celebrations at Woodland House

International Women’s Day celebrations at Woodland House

Posted by admin on March 12,2019

On International Women’s Day our residents and staff at Woodland House celebrated all the wonderful women we have here and all the famous women that have made a difference in the world too.

We enjoyed some group chats about a whole host of different famous women, looking at quotes for Women’s Day - some of which made us laugh rather a lot. Some of our favourites were ‘She believed she could so she did’, ‘Little girls with dreams become women with a vision’ and ‘Keep your heels, head and standards high’!

We chose artist Kara Walker and recreated pieces of her silhouette work. We used coloured tissue instead of cutting out silhouettes. We think these look fantastic! We also offered the ladies a bit of pampering by having their nails filed and painted and we raised a glass of prosecco at lunch as a toast to all our lovely ladies.

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Some fabulous work by our residents, based on Kara Walker's black and white silhouettes. We've used some vibrant colours that really stand out. Well done to those who took part in this art session for International Women's Day.