Amazing Maggie, volunteer at Woodland House

Amazing Maggie, volunteer at Woodland House

Posted by admin on December 31,2018

Margaret ‘Maggie’ Harry is one of our fundraisers at Woodland House. She worked at Woodland House for 44 years before retiring 5 years ago.

Maggie is multi-talented and loves photography. In fact she is so good that she has won several competitions in the local paper! Born on the Isles of Scilly she has educated many of us about her island life. Since retirement she has kept herself busy with her hobbies and has involved herself in her church too.

Organising our Woodland House dog shows and raising several hundred pounds each year for our residents’ amenities fund. Maggie has become a familiar face at our local council office where she has secured small grants that have funded our residents’ Christmas Parties. She also has contact with local businesses who have in turn supported our home. In fact, she recently received a cheque from the local council for £250 which is an amazing sum!

Maggie is a fantastic, full of fun lady. Whichever fundraising event we have planned, if Maggie can help out then she will always be there with a smile on her face. If I had to sum up Maggie in one word it would be ‘unique’. Thank you Maggie, you are an absolute star.

Written by Carol Locks, Administrator at Woodland House

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