Drums Up At Woodland House

Drums Up At Woodland House

Posted by admin on March 20,2019

On 19 March residents and staff from Woodland House were joined by Paul from Drums Up for a very fun, loud and lively morning.

We beat along to the rhythm of Paul playing on his guitar and some of us had a boogie to the beat too! Residents across Cornwall Care’s residential and nursing homes regularly enjoy various activities and events, but musical therapy sessions are by far the favourite.

Drums Up which was founded by music facilitator Paul Vermette, provides interactive rhythm therapy sessions. Using instruments such as drums and tambourines, Paul engages residents, helping them to build confidence and self-esteem, as well as promoting health and well-being. Paul is passionate about offering people the opportunity for more than just fun; he helps them to “become more of who they are”.

Paul’s interactive rhythm therapy sessions are a massive hit across our homes and have been a great success in the wider community as well. He is now training new facilitators to grow the business and provide the therapy further afield.

Being a part of Paul’s sessions is a truly heart-warming and emotional experience because you see people come out of their shells and blossom, connecting with each other, the instruments and themselves in a wonderful way.

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