Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We have 16 residential and nursing homes in Cornwall.

Each of our homes are registered with the Care Quality Commission and focusses on looking after the individual, offering a unique and loving environment to live in.

At Cornwall Care we believe that individuality and activity are important. This is why we provide a variety of events, activities and entertainment to suit our residents’ different abilities and preferences. It is also why we encourage our residents to personalise their rooms and make their space individual to them.

It is important to us that our residents not only feel supported and loved but also that they feel they are at home, with the amenities and activities they would enjoy usually.

Our staff are committed to providing comfortable, caring and fun environments for our residents to live in, training and developing their skills to suit the individual or individuals that they care for.

Every one of our services has a Quality review panel which assess clinical governance, quality and safety. These meetings include representation from a range of stakeholders and cover individuals who are being supported in the service in order to ensure effective involvement and inclusion for service users in the management of Cornwall Care.

Our services have a range of contractual relationships with their local commissioners for our services. Each service has a structured multi-disciplinary team, which consists of appropriately trained staff who will regularly monitor and review each individual's care and support programme.

Cornwall Care’s quality assurance team aims to provide a seamless service for the user, which ensures a continual focus on driving quality.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance seeks to provide:

· Systems that are personalised, simplified and shared

· All clients and staff are able to access information appropriate to their role and ensure they are well informed about their personal and development needs

· A supportive framework for staff development in place at all levels

· An active customer feedback system to ensure views are sought, reviewed and acted upon

· Measures that are developed and reported for all aspects of the organisation

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