We are nationally recommended and awarded for our training and career development and we are committed to helping our staff achieve the qualifications they need to reach their career goals and provide the very best care possible.

We know how important it is to understand our clients and their long-term conditions, particularly dementia which can so often be misunderstood, which is why we ensure that our staff are fully trained in dementia care as well as their own role. All staff – carers or not – are trained in dementia care.

In addition to our own dementia training programme, we have recently introduced Dementia Friends training into our induction for new staff, following our drive as an organisation to train as many people to be Dementia Friends as possible. We also have several qualified Dementia Champions across our organisation.

We are committed to creating a dementia friendly community in Cornwall Care and to having the most up-to-date knowledge on how to achieve this.

You do not need experience in care, we provide outstanding statutory and mandatory training to ensure all our staff are trained to a level that enables them to provide high quality care to all our clients.