The Green

 Events and Activities in our Homes

 We love celebrating and putting on events in our homes.

 Whether it is a birthday, fundraising event, summer fete, staff awards show or personal accomplishment, we like to celebrate it.

 As well as having a 24/7 open door policy, regular in-house activities and entertainment in our homes, we put on a variety of interesting
 and engaging events throughout the year so there are lots of opportunities for our friends and relatives to take part in the fun.

 We encourage our staff to get involved in as many events as possible, whether we work in our homes or Support Office. We believe it is important
 to show our support for our colleagues and residents, getting involved in each other’s events and celebrating everyone's achievements.

 If you would like to find out what it is like in our homes, we welcome you to visit us at any time, or to get in touch with our home teams about
 the activities they have arranged for this week. We have lots of regular activities in our homes, from arts and crafts to singing therapy and poetry
 days. We welcome you to join us and find out more. See below for upcoming events and activities.


Elderly singing shutterstock_418688518.jpg Activities at Mountford in August

 3 August 2020

 Mountford will be holding some great activities this month.

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SPA shutterstock_304341095 smaller image.jpg Activities at Headlands in August

 27 July 2020

 Headlands will be holding some great activities this month.

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Arts and crafts shutterstock_351226619.jpg Activities at Woodland House in August

 27 July 2020

 Woodland House will be holding some great activities this month.

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MUSIC THERAPY shutterstock_1513123493.jpg Activities at Penberthy in August

 15 July 2020

 Penberthy will be holding some great activities this month.

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Our Home Activities

We have various daily and weekly activities in our homes, from therapy sessions, massage and poetry reading to visits from local entertainers, hairdressers and so much more. If you are interested in finding out more about our activities, please go to our Activities page here.

National and Local Events

We take part in various events throughout the year, including national celebrations such as the Queen's birthdays, the national Care Home Open Day, jobs fairs and charitable campaigns such as the Dementia Awareness week and Children in Need. We also enjoy putting on fundraising events for other local charities and good causes. We understand how important it can be and are committed to supporting others.

Our Home Events

We enjoy lots of fun activities and events in our homes across Cornwall. Each year we enjoy lots of different entertainment, celebrating birthdays, the seasons, putting on street parties, tea parties, summer fetes, pet shows, garden parties, craft competitions, clothes sales and more.

Fundraising Events

As well as putting on events for other good causes, we are committed to fundraising for our homes.

We often put on fancy dress and themed fundraising events, raising money to go towards our individual home residents' amenities funds. This pays for things like entertainment, activities and gifts for our residents.

All donations and contributions are extremely appreciated - big or small - it all makes a big difference.