Activities and Events at Chyvarhas in January 2019

Join us at Chyvarhas, our nursing home in Callington, for some great activities and events this month.

  • 16th January, Chairobics
  • 17th January, Cooking Club
  • 18th January, Hoopla
  • 19th January, Classical Music Relaxation
  • 20th January, Pamper Afternoon
  • 21st January, Sewing Club
  • 22nd January, Arts and Crafts
  • 23rd January, Clay and Modelling Day
  • 24th January, Reminiscence with Photos
  • 25th January, Burns Night Poetry
  • 26th January, Movie Afternoon
  • 27th January, Ladies Day - hats and make-up
  • 28th January, Cooking Club
  • 29th January, Chairobics
  • 30th January, Board Games

We would love for you to join us!

To find out more about the activities, ring 01579 383104. Find out more about Chyvarhas here.