Events and activities at Woodland House in December

Join us in December for some great activities

  • Every Monday we have Monday Movers, starts at 11am
  • Champagne Choir will be joining us at 2pm on Tuesday 11 December and at 3pm Carclaze School Choir will take over the microphone
  • Tim Parr will entertain us at 2pm on Wednesday 12 December
  • We will have a dog show at 2pm on Saturday 15 December
  • Amanda Bilkey will be singing for us at 2pm on Monday 17 December
  • From 17 December we will be holding Christmas Jumper Week
  • Leanne & Staff Entertainment Extravaganza will be held at 2pm on Tuesday 18 December
  • Salvation Army will hold a Christmas service at 3pm on Thursday 20 December
  • Duane AJ will be entertaining us from 5pm onwards on Friday 21 December at our residents' Christmas party
  • Vince Hall will entertain us at 3pm on Monday 30 December


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