Activities at Headlands in June

Our lovely residents will be enjoying some great activities this month:

Monday 1 June – Textile art, sew a cute owl, private cream tea visits outdoors and 1-2-1s
Tuesday 2 June – 1-2-1 times plus morning & afternoon private cream tea visits
Wednesday 3 June – Homemade church service, ice cream trolley, cream tea visits and 1-2-1s, manicures/pedicures
Thursday 4 June – National cheese day/ cheese tasting trolley, 1-2-1s, cream tea visits, afternoon visits 1-2-1s
Friday 5 June – All day spa treatments and cream tea visits
Monday 8 June – World Ocean day / paint the seascape outdoors (good weather permitting), morning & afternoon cream tea visits
Tuesday 9 June – Gardening plus garden time, afternoon & morning cream tea visits, 1-2-1 residents’ choices
Wednesday 10 June – Homemade church service, morning & afternoon cream tea visits
Thursday 11 June – Ice cream trolley, 1-2-1 residents’ choices, morning & afternoon visits, manicures/pedicures/hair wash/styling
Friday 12 June – 1-2-1 cream tea visits morning & afternoon, spa treatments (Trooping of the colours weekend TV & Queens birthday treats)
Monday 15 June – Global wind power day/make a wind chime, morning & afternoon cream tea visits
Tuesday 16 June – Postcards of kindness reading and writing, 1-2-1 residents’ choices, afternoon & morning cream tea visits
Wednesday 17 June – Homemade church service, morning & afternoon cream-tea visits
Thursday 18 June – Garden/outside time with giant bubbles, morning & afternoon visits, manicures/pedicures
Friday 19 June – Morning & afternoon cream tea visits, 1-2-1 times, spa treatments
Monday 22 June – National Chocolate Eclair Day, art & crafts, cream tea visits morning & afternoon
Tuesday 23 June – Wear Pink Day (staff and residents will dress up), 1-2-1 times & cream tea visits morning & afternoon
Wednesday 24 June – Homemade church service, cream tea visits, International Fairy Day & Midsummer’s Day where we will vote for a fairy queen (photoshoot to follow)
Thursday 25 June – Ice cream trolley, morning afternoon cream tea visits & 121 manicure & pedicures
Friday 26 June – National Writing Day: looking at Virginia Woolf, Postcards of kindness writing, manicures / hair/ pedicures, cream tea visits
Monday 29 June – Fisherman’s Day: we will be painting our favourite fish, cream tea visits, 1-2-1 time, quizzes
Tuesday 30 June – Garden time, 1-2-1 times, cream tea visits

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