Activities at Headlands in May

Our lovely residents will be enjoying some great activities this month:

Monday 4 May – May Day decorations using fresh and paper flowers.
Postcards of kindness, who will we write to today?
Tuesday 5 May – Cinco de mayo (Mexico day). We will make alcohol free Tequila sunrises.
Wednesday 6 May – Hairdressers (Lisa), 1-2-1 personal times and quizzes.
Thursday 7 May – Chair yoga. Chocolate snack trolley.
Friday 8 May – All day spa, manicures, pedicures, facials, massage, 1-2-1 times.
Monday 11 May – Art/painting 'au plein air', outside painting with waterolours, acrylics: the seascape.
Tuesday 12 May – Move it or lose it chair exercises, quizzes.
Wednesday 13 May – Hairdressers (Lisa), 1-2-1 times and quizzes.
Thursday 14 May – 1-2-1 garden time together, new ice cream trolley/ afternoon film.
Friday 15 May – All day spa day, manicure, pedicures, massage, Tai foot massage (gentle version).
Monday 18 May – Art painting: 2nd outdoor seascapes watercolour, acrylics.
Tuesday 19 May – Guided audio meditation, visualizations, especially suited to the partially sighted. Dementia awareness activities.
Wednesday 20 May – Hairdressers. World Bee day activity, 1-2-1 times and quizzes.
Thursday 21 May – Chair yoga. Chocolate snack trolley. Film afternoon.
Friday 22 May – All day spa. Garden time (weather permitting).
Monday 25 May – Sewing /knitting group, knit a fab pair of slippers, sew a cute owl.
Tuesday 26 May – Baking. Move it or lose it chair exercises.
Wednesday 27 May – Hairdressers. Move it or lose it chair exercises.
Thursday 28 May – Group garden time. Ice cream trolley.
Friday 29 May – 1-2-1 times. All day spa treatments.

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