Mary-de-Ville Reminiscence Session at The Green

Mary-de-Ville Reminiscence Session at The Green

Join us at The Green for a reminiscence session with Mary-de-Ville!

2pm, Tuesday 9th May 2017
The Green, Redruth

Mary-de-Ville provides a mix of poetry and verse covering humour, ballads, local customs, romance, pastimes, family, seasons and more.

She provides poetic therapy - a themed slideshow with accompanying verse and recorded music. Topics include World War 2, Christmas, New Year, England, Scotland, The Glory of the Garden, A Day at the Seaside, Cruising the Med and Trains and Boats and Planes. There is also Hoi Polloi - selected poetry and verse combined with live music and song taken from a performers collective - as well as radio programmes of the 40s and 50s, TV programmes of the 50s, The Early Musicals, Shadows of the Past and more.

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