Punch and Judy at Woodland on 19 July

Punch and Judy at Woodland on 19 July

Join us on Thursday 19 July at 2.30pm for our Punch & Judy Show!

Come along and join in the fun of our Summer Spectacular! Our very own Punch & Judy Show.


We would love for you to join us!

Any monies raised on the day will go towards our residents' amenities fund which pays for things like activities, entertainment, decorations and gifts for our residents.

To find out more about any events or activities, ring 01726 7293. Find out more about Woodland here.

Storyline: Punch and Judy is a traditional, popular, and usually violent puppet show featuring Pulcinella (Mr. Punch) and his wife Judy. The performance consists of a sequence of short scenes, each depicting an interaction between two characters, most typically Mr. Punch and one other character who usually falls victim to Punch's club. It is often associated with traditional British culture. The various episodes of Punch comedy — often provoking shocked laughter — are dominated by the clowning of Mr. Punch. information came from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punch_and_Judy#Story