Musical entertainment at Trevern on 15 February

Musical entertainment at Trevern on 15 February

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On Friday 15 February, Trevern residents will be entertained with music by Martin and Sarah Fowler.

Martin and Sarah’s music shows are lively and a lot of fun for the audiences. They combine a mixture of songs from the 1950s to the 1980s. They play songs by Elvis, The Seekers, Dusty Springfield as well as music by The Wurzels and many others.

The fun starts at 3.30pm. All friends and relatives of residents are welcome so pop over and have a singalong. Ring 01326 312833 to find out more about this event and other activities.

Music therapy can help to:

  • Promote social interaction such as turn-taking, eye-contact
  • Encourage a sense of self through improvised music
  • Give an older person the opportunity to reminisce through the use of song and talking
  • Aid relaxation
  • Encourage the expression of intense feelings such as anger, frustration and sadness
  • Enhance exploratory and creative abilities

(Information taken from British Association for Music Therapy)

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