World Encephalitis Day 2017

World Encephalitis Day 2017

World Encephalitis Day on 22nd February is the global awareness day for people who have been affected by encephalitis.

World Encephalitis Day was founded by The Encephalitis Society in 2014 and has subsequently helped to raise awareness among millions of people.

What is Encephalitis? It is a swelling of the brain, which is caused either by an infection invading the brain or through the immune system attacking the brain in error.

Around 500,000 people are affected globally each year.

The Encephalitis Society is the only resource of its kind in the world, providing direct support and information to individuals and families affected by encephalitis. It was founded in 1994 and their dream is "to live in a world where encephalitis is as rare as possible, and that those affected and their families have access to early diagnosis, excellent management of their condition, timely access to rehabilitation and other forms of social support".

If you would like to know more, find support or get involved in raising awareness for this cause, please click here.





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