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Christmas at Blackwood

Posted by cornwallcare on January 8, 2018

On 22nd December it was Elizabeth Oliver's 101st birthday.

She was really happy when she received birthday cards from her relatives and surprised by all of the attention she received. Another wonderful thing was that she actually managed to get out of bed this year, something she couldn’t do at last year’s birthday. Well done Elizabeth, you are an inspiration! The Christmas party was also held on the same day so she enjoyed the party atmosphere.

Talking about the Christmas party – it was such a great atmosphere. Mince pies and drinks were offered to visitors, music entertained people on one floor and on another floor a puppet show was provided to those who love to put on which went down very well.

The residents were also treated to the company of some wonderful animals such as owls and snakes. Look at how they loved seeing and holding them. So lovely to see…

Also over the Christmas period, some of our clients were invited to the local Tesco store for a festive meal and party. A great time was had by all. Thank you to all who organised the entertainment and thank you to Tesco too.

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