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Pengover carers taking part in Muddy Run

Posted by cornwallcare on July 17, 2019

Please sponsor a handful of our lovely carers from Pengover to do the Muddy Run Challenge in October in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Cancer is something that more people deal with than you realise. So many people have had to personally battle cancer or have been there for friends and family who have. Cancer affects us all in different ways. But it’s not only our friends and family who deal with it, but everyone else too. As carers, we see the affects it has on our residents and their families and get an outside perspective but these people are more than just work.

They are also our friends and family and even if it isn’t our flesh and blood that’s affected we still feel the effects it has on the people we care for. Please sponsor us: https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/team/pengovergirls-2194?sort=leader&fbclid=IwAR0N6mphkp4Kt0cu8JdJt7u1wz2aUvWg55GEp3045FPyZId8PkKBJM9rzDA

To find out more about Pengover and what we can offer you and your loved ones, please go to: https://cornwallcare.com/our-homes/find-home-cornwall/pengover-liskeard/