Meet the team

Our Staff

At Cornwall Care all our staff share the same dedication, focus and passion to give quality care to our clients.

Fully trained to be able to care for and understand the lives of people with varying disabilities and conditions, our staff are committed to supporting their clients and promoting their independence, developing their knowledge so they can give the most effective and loving care possible.

Our in-house award-winning training ensures that all our staff teams are fully qualified, professional people with a genuinely caring, respectful and sensitive approach.

Our Home Care staff provide support to individuals across Cornwall, helping them to remain independent in their own homes and specialising their skills to suit the individuals that they care for. Our Supportive Lifestyles staff train to fit the needs of the person they are supporting and our Flexicare team are trained to provide support across all our services.



Anne Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

Anne brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge, having begun her career as a nurse in the 1980s, developing a specialism in diabetes, and going on to spend many years working at senior level in the adult health and social care sector. Anne has been Executive Director for over six years, responsible for Linc Cymru’s health and social care division, Linc Care, which specialises in meeting the housing, care and support needs of older and vulnerable people across Wales. Before that she was Senior Manager at Surrey County Council, responsible for local authority-owned care homes, and prior to that was Adult Health and Social Care Services Manager, working for both Surrey County Council and the Primary Care Trust in delivering joint services.



Colin Nicholls


Colin was born and brought up in Sancreed and attended St Just secondary school. Aged 16 he worked at Parker's hardware store in Penzance. A few years later, he bought his uncle's hardware shop in St Ives - Colenso's - where he also set up a Mexican restaurant next door. He continues to work in the shop whilst his son runs the Mexican restaurant and both establishments are thriving.

He has been active politically, having been chair of the local Chamber of Trade and of St Ives Conservative branch (of which he is no longer a member). For many years now, he has been on St Ives Town Council, with one year as mayor and two years as deputy mayor plus as chair of the Devolution Panel. He was one of the longest serving members of the St Ives Tate Advisory Board and remains a trustee of St Ives Museum and the local Arts Club. He initiated and helped to set up and then became chair of a charity which aims to help individuals who struggle with their basic needs: the St Ives Community Fund. On behalf of the town council he is a governor at the local Infant school. Arsenal is his team and he has four children and six grandchildren.






Ian Harris

Non-Executive Director

Ian has a wealth of experience and expertise in both corporate and charitable sectors.  Having run a well-reputed financial company for 20 years, he is now bringing his valuable expertise to Cornwall Care.  Ian is an experienced Non-Executive Director and Chairman who will help to connect health care to the business community.


Philip Rees

Chairman and Trustee

For the majority of his career Philip was a Director of a major construction, housing and property development company, responsible for commercial, business development. He was also Chair of Cornwall College for fifteen years until end 2016. In addition to his role as a Director of Cornwall Care, Philip is Chair of the South West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee. Philip owns and runs a small holiday complex and, with his wife, runs a horse breeding and livery stables.






Thelma Sorensen OBE FRSA

Trustee and Non-Executive Director

Thelma is involved with various companies: Chairman of the Cornwall Business Partnership, Trustee of Cornwall Care Ltd, Vice-Chairman (Cornwall) South West Business Council) and a statutory Board Member of the organization. She is a member of the Cornwall Airport Newquay Consultative Forum, Non Executive Director of the Devon and Cornwall Architecture Centre, member of the Architecture Club of Great Britain, member of the Council of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President of the South West Women in Construction organization, member of the Wessex Reserve Forces and Cadet’s Association, former member of the Business Task Force for the Objective One Programme, former member of the Programme Monitoring Committee of the Objective One Programme (The over riding strategic committee of the Programme). She is also former Chairman (for three terms of office) of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Economic Partnership (The sub-regional economic partnership between Cornwall Council and the South West Regional Development Agency). 

Long serving Governor on the Board of the Cornwall College Group, Chairman of the Search and Governance Committee of Cornwall College, Member of the Finance and Resources Committee of Cornwall College



Heather Mullin

Non-Executive Director

Heather has operated at Board level for over 12 years and spans her career from the NHS, Primary Care Trust and running her own business as a professional coach.  Heather is passionate about health outcomes and ensuring that people receive the high quality services they deserve.


Our Training & Development

We are nationally recommended and awarded for our training and career development and we are committed to helping our staff achieve the qualifications they need to reach their career goals. We know how important it is to understand our residents and their illnesses, particularly dementia and mental health which can so often be misunderstood, which is why we ensure that not only are our staff fully trained to take on their own role, but we ensure that all staff are trained in dementia care and ethics.

Many of our care and support staff are also trained and developed to suit the needs of the individual they care for, specialising their care knowledge to fit the care that individual requires and conducting further research and studies to benefit that person. Some of our carers really go all out – we know one that learned a bit of Chinese, just so that she could sing Happy Birthday in her client’s mother tongue! We actively encourage our staff to learn more skills and to keep their knowledge up-to-date and are committed to supporting them throughout their career development.

Our Rewards

We feel it’s really important to reward staff for their dedication and hard work. For a long time now we have been running a scheme called ‘My Moments’ which rewards staff for their incredible achievements and moments with a gift and a presentation by their colleagues. To receive a ‘My Moments’ award staff are nominated by their colleagues anonymously, so the awards are a great surprise! In March 2016 we also opened our first-ever Cornwall Care Outstanding Staff Awards where staff were nominated for a variety of care and management awards and judged by a panel of external experts who presented the awards on the day.

Our Promise

We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities at Cornwall Care. Our staff are as diverse and individual as our residents are. We have nurses and carers from all across the world and enjoy a variety of personalities and characters within our teams. We encourage our employees to treat one another and those we care for with honesty and respect, ensuring they are all given choices of activities and entertainment to suit them and that no one is left out.