How We Support You

We want our clients to feel safe, comfortable and cared for in their own homes.

Our aim is to always help our clients live more independent and fulfilling lives, no matter what illness or disease is affecting them. To do this, we provide bespoke care packages tailored to not only look after the individual’s needs, but also to support their families and friends as well.

For us, it’s not just about delivering a service. We make sure that we create a warm and supportive environment for our clients and we do our best to encourage their independence and confidence. More and more people are choosing to live independently at home for as long as possible and we are here to ensure that happens. We understand the importance of being in your own space.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to providing a caring and happy experience, ensuring that the best care is given to all of our individuals, along with the best possible support for their families and friends.

We encourage relatives to be involved in the care planning process as much as possible and are committed to providing loving care for our individuals that adapts to suit their changing needs and supports their independence and individuality. It is our aim to ensure clients are visited by the same carer each time, so that when they open the door, they are greeted by a family and friendly face.

We understand how important relatives and carers are and aim to also provide the best possible care and support for them as well as the individual.

  When we meet new clients in the community,
  this is what we do:

  • Meet the individual in their home and carefully assess their situation, identifying their needs and completing a full
    My Life Plan care assessment
  • Provide practical advice and possible solutions regarding all aspects of the individual’s care
  • Help ensure the individual or their family are claiming all financial benefits, allowances and support they are entitled to
  • Help the individual and their family map out their care and
    support plan for now and the future, including everything from personal care, medication, diet and nutrition to personal
    activities, hobbies and more
  • Help the individual live with dignity, independently in their own home

  There are many ways we can support our clients,
  including but not limited to:

  • Help around the home, from cleaning and laundry to shopping
    and preparing meals
  • Personal support such as dressing, bathing and help with prescribed medication
  • Companionship, being there to help with activities clients enjoy, such as days out, reading, or just having a chat
  • Sitting service (if the individual is usually cared for by their family, we can step in when they are unavailable)
  • Assistance with medication
  • Specialist advice for families
  • Dementia and palliative care