Trevern, Falmouth

Trevern is a 40 bed care home for people with dementia and nursing needs. We care for our residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a supportive, dignified and loving environment. Our staff promote independence and understand different illnesses. They are highly trained and passionate about their roles and the lives of our residents. Our lovely home sits near the coast of Falmouth and we would love for you to see it. Visitors are always welcome.

When visiting our homes, please understand that we have a friendly open door policy, we welcome visits to our homes and will do our best to always accommodate unplanned visits. However, we ask that you understand our homes can be very busy in the mornings and we may be supporting our clients, so unplanned visits may require a short waiting period for a staff member to show you around. We will offer you a seat and a cup of tea whilst you wait.


Our Care

Our Care

At Trevern we support people with dementia and nursing needs. Our team are hardworking, enthusiastic and dedicated; we’re very proud of the relationships we have with the people we care for and find it to be a very special place to live and work. Our residents’ families and friends are part of our family and we all work together to provide a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere.

When residents join us at Trevern, the first thing we do is develop a comprehensive care plan with them, setting out the care we aim to provide and how we will achieve this. We assess this plan on a continual basis, working with the resident to ensure that their needs are met. Care is available for our residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from a team that is proud of the work that they do.


Our Home

Our Home

Trevern is located close to the heart of picturesque Falmouth, just streets away from Gyllyngvase beach and the quirky range of shops available in town. Split into three households - Pendennis House, Belle Vue and Lowen House - Trevern has a loving, energetic, family feel to it. The bedrooms vary from elegant and traditional to modern and stylish, and we encourage our residents to personalise their rooms. We want them to feel truly at home.

As we are only a stone's throw away from the beautiful string of golden beaches that Falmouth enjoys, we benefit from a warm sea breeze and the sound of gulls and children's laughter. We also have three gardens, each with a different theme as created by our residents.

Ellen's Garden is a pleasant English country garden with home-grown fruit and veg. It is a welcoming spot to relax in; the water feature trickles gently and there is a beautiful array of colours and smells, with flowers and potting plants carefully selected by our dedicated resident gardeners. We are proud to show off our effort with well maintained gardens all year round.

Our second garden has a nautical theme, with some sensory aspects for our residents. It consists of raised herb beds and calming plants such as lavender plants. It also has some bird baths, where you can watch the mischievous Starlings play, and a selection of nautical themed ornaments made by our residents to keep the tales of Falmouth's seas alive.

Finally, our third garden is our beautiful sensory garden. It is a flat area with inviting raised flower beds to enable our residents to access the strawberries and herbs with ease. We have sunflower competitions out there and a lovely wooden bird house building. Our new water feature keeps a calm atmosphere. It's an engaging and delightful space to be in.

Overall, our home is relaxed and comfortable, with a passionate team of carers. Trevern is one of several care homes owned and operated by Cornwall Care, a not-for-profit charity and the largest provider of care homes in the county. Cornwall Care has a reputation for genuine and loving care for residents and we at Trevern are proud to share that. Our aim at Trevern is to provide the very best care possible in a vibrant and uplifting environment, supporting our residents’ individual needs.

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The Wi-Fi network is designed for general web browsing, email and social networking usage. We are unable to guarantee that it will support high bandwidth applications such as video calling, streaming, gaming and catch up programs requiring large file downloads, especially during busy periods.

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Our Activities

Our Activities

Individuality and energy are important to us; at Trevern we have lots of regular activity sessions and events for our residents to enjoy, from drum therapy and crafting to in-house fairs and tea parties. We enjoy regular visits from our local community, from our friends and neighbours to local school choir groups and entertainers, and if there are local events on we like to take part in those too. When arranging activities, we do our best to ensure that all tastes are catered for. Whether it is reading you your favourite novel, going on an adventure to the beach, lunching at the Pavilions, taking a trip to the Hall for Cornwall, the Eden Project, the Royal Cornwall Show or other local venues for up-and-coming events, all are catered for.

Our two passionate Activities Co-ordinators arrange regular activities for us. If you would like to find out more or get involved, please get in touch with our team at Trevern.

Our Staff

Our Staff

At Cornwall Care we ensure that our staff are supported. We know how important it is to understand our residents and their illnesses, particularly dementia and mental health, which can often be misunderstood, so we make sure that all our staff are trained in dementia care and ethics.

We are nationally recommended and awarded for our training and career development. Our aim as a team is to provide loving support for all our residents, promoting awareness, safety and most important of all, individuality. 

Contact Us

We appreciate that choosing the right home can be difficult. If you would like to find out more about Trevern please contact us. We can provide you with the information you need or arrange for you to meet the Home Manager in person.

For new vacancy enquiries, please ring 01872 597770. For all other enquiries, ring the number below.

phone-icon.png 01326 312833
home-icon.png Trevern, 72 Melvill Road, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 4DD